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Each drawing is a unique signed original and will include a custom dedication of your choice.

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What you get with ALL our commissioned Cat Portraits

  • Original High Resolution Image to use on your blog, social networks.
  • A 10 x 8  print we make for you on archive quality paper we guarantee fade free for 50 years.
  • Priority Service –  We like to get all our customers work started right away and deliver as soon as possible.
  • Give Feedback on the sketch before we print so you get exactly the Cat Picture you want

carolineIf you decide to use Lehla for illustration you will be delighted with the results. Her use of color and her ability to connect to your idea is astounding. Thank you Lehla!

Caroline Baker Duly – Author & Actress, NY

How it Works

  • Decide what picture you want. They can be with you, or a member of your family, or all of you or your best friend. It is up to you.
  • Commission Lehla and tell her all about you and your Cat. (It is easy, once you have paid for the commission we will look after all the details with you)
  • Tell us what you want your Custom Dedication to say and we will include it in the picture
  • Let us know your cats Essential Characteristics and we will bring them to life

  • You will get a unique illustrated picture of your loved Cat or Cats.

guarenteecat2Lehla’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don’t like your printed out picture, you can get a replacement copy. Tell us within 30 days of having received it and we will send you another print immediately absolutely FREE.

We will also refund you 50% of the commissioned cost at the same time!


“I am drawing Cats! We have 6 at home and our family is crazy about them. I love to draw them and really look forward to drawing your cat, cats or kitty for you.”


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Fantastic Value. Lehla’s work as an illustrator is becoming more and more sought after. Commission her while you have the chance.


“Hi there. I have always loved making a illustrated cat portraits of my cats but they move when you try and draw them! Just when I have been sitting there thinking ‘yes, that is a good position’ I look at the cat, put my pencil to paper and like magic they tend to shift their pose! So sometimes it is just better to work from a photograph.

Cat Portraits a plenty

I have had so many cats come in and out of my life and I have loved them all, they have been firm friends. I have just read an article about the health benefits of having cats which is really incredible, according to studies they can lower your chances of having a heart attack and lessen the chances of having a stroke. They also lower anxiety levels and help with depression perhaps it is because they are comforting, grateful and constantly loving… well our cats are. I also find it interesting that some people really don’t like them whilst other love them, I am guessing as you are here you fall into the latter category (excuse the pun!)

So why do we love them so much? Maybe instinctively we know that their presence is good for us? Or perhaps is it that they are actually controlling us, could that be true? Or is it because they are just sweet and lovely (OK, not if you are a bird) I think that they are clever and just make the edges of the world seem a little bit softer.

Either way cats and I have always gravitated together even in the moments when I say I am no longer having a cat, sure enough one will turn up…So I wonder what is our grand connection with cats? I also ponder on that fact that when I start to talk to people about their cats, it is like opening up a huge door in their heart, I have friends that can talk for ages about them, it is lovely! I think it is a fact, a lot of people love cats and I have to admit I am one of those people.”